Training & Engagement Zones

In addition to the Keynote Arena, UKIS will also host several training and engagement zones, providing delegates with the chance to hear from the leading buyers, suppliers and decision makers from across the UK infrastructure space.

These zones will enable delegates to learn where the future opportunities in infrastructure lie, what has already been achieved, and which new products and services are entering the market. They will also have the opportunity to learn more about the key skills that will be required by both buyers and suppliers to order to conduct the most effective procurements, and understand how they can play their part in building Britain’s future.

What are the main investment plans in the short, medium and long term for the UK’s major projects and programmes, where do opportunities for suppliers lie, and what are buyers looking for?

How can buyers develop and protect their supply chains against continued pressures, and how do suppliers navigate an evolving landscape to ensure they can play their part in building the public services of tomorrow?

How can infrastructure projects support the UK in achieving its environmental and net zero objectives, and what role do suppliers play in bringing social value into the process?

What have the UK’s projects, programmes and developments achieved so far, what innovations are defining progress, and what are the next steps for the UK’s infrastructure ambitions?

How can suppliers better engage with buyers to win more business, stimulate innovation and improve efficiencies, and what will economic forces and policy changes mean for the future of infrastructure and the opportunities that lie within it?

Discover the exciting new products and innovative services entering the infrastructure market from the UK’s top suppliers,  and network with cutting-edge solutions providers, cement old relationships and build new ones.